Continental Progressing Cavity Pumps

Continental Progressive Cavity Pumps have similar characteristics to rotary or reciprocating pumps, such as piston, diaphragm, lobe, and screw pumps. The one common feature being the sealed cavities with operational similarities like being able to pump at extremely low rates, to even high pressures.

Continental Progressive Cavity Pumps pumps are most commonly used in these industries: gas and oil, mining and industrial wastes with by-products but are very versatile. They are the perfect pumps for: abrasives, transferring, circulating, metering, pastes, slurries, sludge, waste water, sewage and more.

Of all the types of pumps available, progressive cavity pumps are able to handle a wider range of fluid viscosities and properties than any other type of pump. The unique design of the pump makes them useful for a variety of pumping applications, such as transferring and metering while handling shear sensitive, abrasive and viscous fluids.

Continental Progressing Cavity Pumps are used are because they are durable with only one moving part, rated for longevity. In operation our pumps are primarily a fixed flow rate pump and offers long life and reliable service transporting thick, viscous fluids. Abrasive fluids can shorten the life of the stator, but by slowing down the RPM’s will help reduce wear. Slurries can also be pumped reliably if the slurry is viscous enough to maintain a lubrication layer around the particles and protect the stator

Continental Progressing Cavity Pumps
Continental Progressing Cavity Pumps

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